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Fiber optic cable is used to run high-speed Internet into a location. Questions should be about running the cable. Questions about setting up networks using the cable can be asked on

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Running fiber line

I’m getting ready to finish my basement (well, hire a contractor to do it). Fiber internet is supposed to be available in my neighborhood soon. I don’t have any fiber in the house though. I figure it ...
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Can an incoming optical fiber cable be wired internally in a house's walls?

I am building a new home, and want to get fiber internet installed in it. In my current home, the fiber is wired externally on walls, above doors and finally into the living room through a drilled ...
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6 votes
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How can I plan for fiberoptic cable installation during a remodel?

I'm in the middle of remodeling my home and am wondering if there is anything that would be ideal to do now that would make a fiber install later more straightforward. My main concerns are with the ...
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