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What's the intended purpose for these rebar protrusions?

This is a foundation of a single story residence in the midwest USA. Are these rebar protrusions intended to be used for anything like framing or mounting things to the wall? They only protrude 2 ...
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Should I cut off loose rusty rebar before patching concrete foundation (spalling)?

I have patched a lot of concrete foundation that is spalling. I encountered a loose piece of rebar (6'long) that I can try to stick back in the old concrete before I patch over it, or I can cut it ...
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How to prevent rebar from rusting in the ground?

I am building a wall with rebar, cinder blocks, and rebar, as I've seen in many YouTube videos. ________||_ ___________ ___________ _____ | || | | | | <--cinder ...
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Exposed rebar end in concrete - options

I have a walkout staircase. The top wall of the walkout had to be cut down to use as a tread. Cutting down the top wall exposed 6 ends of #5 rebar. What should I do? The wall is 8" thick and ...
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