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8 answers

What are the dangers of operating a mini excavator?

I plan to rent an excavator like this: I am aware that it is quite dangerous if someone walks by and is hit by the bucket, but assuming I can clear the area of passers-by, what are some common ...
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How to get rid of 4-5cu yards of topsoil/sod/dirt

I'm going to be digging up the top 6-8 inches of an 18 square yard plot (41"x48') of lawn grass (easement strip between sidewalk and road). The 3-4cuyd volume will probably load as 4-5cuyd. There is ...
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DIY way to wash sand/clay out of driveway gravel?

I hate how the sand and fine dust blows around on our dairy farm's gravel driveway in the dry summer months. It's not reasonable to talk about blacktop due to the long driveway and the fact that it ...
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How to handle dirt caked in excavator bucket

I'm digging a basement with an excavator. It's been some rain, and so the dirt is caking in the bucket. I clean it when I have to, but it's a pain. Any tips for dealing with it?
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How can I find a leak in underground plumbing?

We moved into a home a couple years ago that was 1600 sq ft from a 3700 sq ft home. We were shocked that the power bill here was about 30% more than the big house but I suspected a water leak ...
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Building a Pond

I have a natural spring in the side of my yard (had the water tested, not sewage or city water, natural spring). I live on a hill and the spring is coming out above my house in relation to the ...
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Vacuum Excavator for crawl space

What do people think of this method for excavating a crawl space:
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What technique should I use to remove rubble from earth, using a small excavator?

I've a patch of earth - mostly fairly sticky Gloucestershire clay - which our previous builder has left mixed up with bricks, larger lumps of concrete and who knows what else. I want to level this ...
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