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3 answers

Is it safe to bond the neutral to the junction box in a Nema 10-30 circuit?

I have a 1940s house with a Nema 10-30 receptacle for the dryer. Halfway from the main panel, this circuit is spliced in a junction box, and in that box, I see there are only 3 wires: 2 hot and one ...
4 votes
1 answer

How to mount EVSE to existing box on exterior wall?

I currently have a (completely miswired) TT30R in a metal box and metal conduit on the exterior wall: The wiring is 2x6AWG for hot and 2x10AWG for neutral on a (currently) 40A breaker. So I have ...
0 votes
2 answers

Sharing power allocation across different brand EVSEs

I just bought a second EV that uses a J1772-type connector, which I need to park outside (in the driveway). I also have a Tesla (NACS connector) that I park in the garage, where I have a Tesla Wall ...