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Can Tesla Wall Connector be mounted directly to stucco wall?

Can the Tesla Wall Connector be mounted directly on an exterior stucco wall without taking care of studs and such? Just want to make sure this would be strong enough. The Wall Connector includes two ...
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Is it safe to bond the neutral to the junction box in a Nema 10-30 circuit?

I have a 1940s house with a Nema 10-30 receptacle for the dryer. Halfway from the main panel, this circuit is spliced in a junction box, and in that box, I see there are only 3 wires: 2 hot and one ...
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How to mount EVSE to existing box on exterior wall?

I currently have a (completely miswired) TT30R in a metal box and metal conduit on the exterior wall: The wiring is 2x6AWG for hot and 2x10AWG for neutral on a (currently) 40A breaker. So I have ...
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Sharing power allocation across different brand EVSEs

I just bought a second EV that uses a J1772-type connector, which I need to park outside (in the driveway). I also have a Tesla (NACS connector) that I park in the garage, where I have a Tesla Wall ...
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