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Trane HVAC in horizontal position - why does evaporator throw condensation?

I appreciate assistance from anyone who has had or understands the problem. I have a Trane HVAC system in a horizontal "left" flow configuration in the attic. Ambient temperature is about 95 ...
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Why is my evaporative cooler rattling?

I have a brand new evaporative cooler. It was great for a month, until it started making a rattling noise. We found a bolt behind the bearing that fell out and glued it in. This only temporarily ...
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Anyone connect the MasterStat Model 110423-2 three lines to Google Nest thermostat?

I have read the poster here: Controlling 110v swamp cooler using Nest thermostat about how to control the swamp cooler using the nest. However, I don't have reputation to post comments to that post ...
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LG refrigerator stops cooling only when under load

SUMMARY: A LG refrigerator is occasionally unwilling to chill the refrigerator for lengthy periods. I've twice confirmed this by putting a bowl of hot water in it and observing temperatures over the ...
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Connecting the motor to 12/2 wire and a 6 position dial in an evaporative swamp cooler

I'm connecting a new evaporation cooler to an existing 6 position wall dial using the existing wiring. The idiot owner who wired the original cooler put in 12/2 Romex, intead of 12/3 for the motor (...
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Breezair EX swamp cooler not moving air, how to debug the motor and fan?

new homeowner and the weather means I can't get a technician out for weeks. Hoping there might be an opportunity to learn a bit and get this thing running on my own. History been here since last ...
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Why won't my evaporative cooler come on low until it's been set to high?

Turn the evap knob to "low vent" and nothing. Turn it to "high vent" and it comes on high. Only then can you successfully turn it back down to low. Exactly the same response ...
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Evaporative cooler, motor issues

My swamp cooler fan won't turn on. I measured voltage to the motor and if connected it just clicks in the small electrical panel and only sends voltage for a brief second, the thermostat indicator ...
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