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Sharing power allocation across different brand EVSEs

I just bought a second EV that uses a J1772-type connector, which I need to park outside (in the driveway). I also have a Tesla (NACS connector) that I park in the garage, where I have a Tesla Wall ...
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What wire AWG for EV charger?

I am installing a EV charger for my car in my garage and I've been all over the internet with a dozen different calculators and they all give different results for what AWG i need to use for my ...
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EVSE terminal torque specs and associated wire size

For installation of a Tesla Gen 3 EVSE the manual requires the terminal screws be tightened to 50 torque and recommends wire from #12-#4 gauge with #6 gauge wire used for a maximum possible ...
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Can I extend an existing 50A circuit for EV charging?

I have an existing 50A circuit for an induction cooktop wired with 6/3 stranded Romex. It runs through the finished basement ceiling bulkhead and at some point near a rim joist where it feeds to 1st ...
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