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Was my inverter damaged during testing?

Can a Sun Gold, model LFPV10KW, solar inverter be damaged if one or both of these things are done: the inverter's terminals are shorted together while attaching the 220amp battery to the inverter. ...
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Are there standard tolerances for dimensional lumber?

I understand that the actual dimensions of dimensional lumber are slightly smaller than their nominal dimensions, like how a 2x4 is actually 1½" x 3½". Are there industry standard tolerances ...
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simple niche/nook shelf: boards resting on screws

I have a niche/nook in a room (marked red) and some leftover chipboards of width 16mm. Together they should make a simple shelf. So I would cut the chipboards to the same width/depth as the niche/...
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Suitable work surface and tolerances for casting concrete countertops

I'm casting 2" thick concrete countertops using ¾" melamine forms/molds. The largest piece is about 26" square and the longest is about 55" x 11". I thought I'd make a large flat work surface for ...
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How close to plumb to deck posts need to be?

I'm building a deck as the floor of a 30' yurt. Construction is 4" x 6" joists on 4" x 4" posts, on pre-cast concrete pier blocks, on tamped gravel footings. Posts are 20" - 30" long. Lumber is ...
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How level should a new floor be?

How out-of-level or out-of-plane does a floor need to be before it is noticeable? Many of the houses I've lived in have floors that are out-of-level, visible to the naked eye. At what point does that ...
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