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How to transition from underground schedule 40 PVC conduit to EMT inside building through concrete slab?

I'm running feeder wires in 1-1/4" schedule 40 PVC underground to detached structure. I plan on using a 2" sleeve for the slab pour and a long 3' radius sweep elbow conduit fitting to bring ...
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Can i ran romex on top/side of top plate in finished basement?

My basement is finished and wonder if i can run romex on top or side of the top plate framing instead of through studs? Does it has to be protected?
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AWG for grounding Romex circuits that meet EMT

Consider 3/4" EMT running from a main panel to a workshop. It has THHN wires for a 240V 30A circuit and a 120V 20A. The EMT is the ground. In the workshop, the EMT ends at a metal box, and from ...
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Do I really need to run so many parallel EMTs?

NEC gives max number of conductors for certain EMT conduit. For example, it’s 16x12AWG for a 3/4” conduit. Now it turns out this is really not the limiting factor at all. It is de-rating. Suppose I ...
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Do I need conduit inside the wall when transitioning EMT from outdoor to inside garage?

When bringing EMT run from outside to inside (THHN wires), do the wires just hang in the air from one conduit body (sitting outside) to the other conduit body (sitting inside the garage)? Or do I need ...
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Securing NM cable when entering box with protective EMT sleeve

Please be patient folks, this is the first time I've tried asking a question here :-) I use full conduit wiring (usually 3/4" EMT) for new stuff in my shop/garage areas. The new stuff sometimes ...
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EMT fill capacity and derates mixing 14ga & 12ga

I have an existing 1/2" EMT conduit that has three switch runners, a hot for an unswitched outlet, a neutral and ground, for a total of six wires in 14ga THHN, all for the same 15 amp circuit. I ...
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Is this the right grounding bushing for EMT? Am I using it wrong?

I was introduced to grounding bushings in this answer to a previous question of mine, but couldn't actually find them anywhere for weeks. Finally I bought this one off Amazon, and it arrived this week!...
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How do you mount conduit to a wall so that it stands off a standard box distance?

I'm running 1/2" EMT conduit between single-gang surface-mount boxes. The holes for the boxes are slightly set away from the wall so that the conduit does not mount flush against the wall. I have ...
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How to bend a short piece of EMT conduit?

I need to make a 10 inch wide U type bend on a 1/2 inch EMT pipe. The piece is about 20 inches long. I got one end to bend 90 degrees fine. But I'm struggling with the other end. I got it probably ...
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Wiring a dryer, stove and washer

I want to run 3 circuits: 120v using #12 thhn for washing machine on 20 amp breaker, 240v using #10 thhn for dryer on 30 amp breaker and 240v using #6 thhn for stove on 50 amp breaker. Can they all ...
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Weatherproof junction box has two types of holes/ports - what connector is compatible with each?

I've got some weatherproof outdoor junction boxes and am trying to figure out what type of connector is compatible with each hole/port. Below is a photo of a sample weatherproof box with two deep ...
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What is standard practice to route 3/4" EMT out of junction box with an immediate 90 degree turn?

Background: I'm installing EMT for the first time, in an unfinished garage to replace unprotected semi-random spaghetti Romex runs. THHN goes inside the EMT, and the 3/4" EMT will be attached to ...
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