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Should I put a dimmer switch on a ceiling fan?

I have a ceiling fan on our bedroom's vaulted ceiling. Since we don't want 7' pull-cords, the speed is stuck at full-tilt, which is no good. The fan has separate switches on the wall for lights and ...
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How can I repair a ceiling fan that hums, but doesn't turn?

The ceiling fan/light has power. The lights work, but the fan doesn't turn even though it hums. Why is this, and how can I fix it?
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Can't find the release for this wiring harness connector

I am unable to unlock any "tabs". The video text just says use a slot screwdriver to release the locking tabs. Any help is appreciated.
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Do any ultra quiet ceiling fans that have no motor hum exist?

I am in the market to buy two large ceiling fans to cycle air within and potentially cool my master bedroom. The room is about 16x27 feet, and it gets pretty hot during spring, summer, and early fall. ...
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Why were only some of my tools damaged when connected to a 240V receptacle?

I live in the US and recently bought a home. There are several electrical outlets in my garage. I have recently had two tools that have burned up and gone to an early grave. It turns out that the ...
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Why are furnace/central AC blowers so inefficient?

I can buy a ceiling fan from Home Depot capable of moving 5,000 CFM of air for about $50, and it uses a mere 50-60 watts while doing it. By contrast, most furnaces seem to have blowers that operate in ...
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What should I do if my vacuum trips my AFCI device?

I have a vacuum that trips the AFCI device of the circuit that services my bedroom. The vacuum has some age on it, and there is some wear on the motor's commutator. This wear causes electrical ...
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Could I safely use a dimmer switch on an air filter fan?

I bought a small HEPA air filter fan that was advertised as being a quiet model. But it's not quiet enough for me. I bought another "quiet" fan, but the new one is also too loud for my liking. Could ...
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What is wrong with my central heating?

I have a central heating system that was installed in this house in 2006. Tonight, while I was taking a nap my wife said that she suddenly heard a loud whine/whistle sound that slowly lowered in ...
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Electric Fan not Working

I have a water distiller which the electric fan suddenly just stopped working (thankfully I was near by to shutdown everything, otherwise ...). Prior to the failure everything was working fine, there ...
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New condenser fan motor burned out

AC technician replaced my condenser fan (through a home warranty service). The new fan worked for 5 min and stopped working after that. the fan motor was extremely hot (180F or more) The old fan motor ...
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Does this Hampton Bay ceiling fan have a capacitor inside the motor housing?

I have an older Hampton Bay "Andross" ceiling fan which only turns very slowly now (one of the kids fessed-up to using it as a catapult for their stuffed animals). I can't find this model ...
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What is causing a motor to trip my GCFI on every OTHER start?

I am experiencing a very strange, intractable ground fault issue. I have a bandsaw that runs on a GCFI/ACFI-protected branch. It has a standard capacitor-start induction motor. Every OTHER time I ...
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How can I connect a 120V compressor to a 3 phase WYE 208 electrical system?

I have 4 cables from a power supply which are 3 phase WYE 208 volt. so if I measure between neutral and hot I get 120V. The problem is that I need to hook up a compressor for 110V single phase (just ...
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