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Bought a home, return air vents on ceiling have R19 insulation shoved in them?

Checking filters and seeing what needs to be replaced, I opened the return air grate on the ceiling and what I find inside is a hunk of R19 insulation. Seems it should be some proper return air filter ...
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use of conduit for ducts

I need 2" ducts in this room I'm building. Flexible ducts and conduit are about the same price. I have high heat requirements. Can I use conduit for ductwork? What are the pros / cons? Thanks
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Round metal duct leaking water at crimped joint

Noticed a water leak stain in my ceiling in the drywall. Cut a hole and noticed water drops dripping from the joint of a metal round air duct. This duct leads to an external air vent on the side of my ...
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How to fix noise in my bedroom since change of furance/ac but not air ducts?

I had furnace company back out and he told me it is probably a problem with a damper but it would be hard to find out where. It is only loud in my room on second floor but not in other bedroom next ...
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8 in thimble, 6 in pipe

I just installed a wood stove in the addition I built for my trailer. My father-in-law insisted on going and buying me an 8 inch thimble for my stove pipe to run through the wall. My stove pipe is ...
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how to deal with oversized furnace

I recently got a new furnace for our 1200 sqft house in Denver CO. We are planning on adding a second story in a year and I was going to wait until we did that to replace the furnace. Then the furnace ...
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Increasing exhaust fan duct size

I have a bathroom exhaust fan that has a 3 inch duct outlet. However, I would like to use a 4 inch insulated flexible duct. Is there an adapter I can use to accomplish this or do I have to first use ...
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30 y.o. air pump troubleshooting. Where do I start?

500 sq.ft. apartment, 2nd floor, 32 y.o. through the wall, ducted air heat pump. The pump is installed in a closet next to the apartment (separate entry), and the air ducts spread from there along the ...
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Cut cross-break duct?

I bought a piece of rectangular duct from my local home supply store but it is slightly larger than what I need. The ducts they sell are cross-broken instead of beaded. Is it ok to cut down a duct ...
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Central heat ducts(the ends that are attached to registers) in attic not securely attached to attic floor/room ceiling. How to secure?

When I removed the registers in the ceiling of our house I noticed that the ducting in the ceiling was totally loose. They are not secured in any way. The two screws of the register was what was ...
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No insulation behind duct work, basement wall

Insulating my basement with 1.5" thick XPS foam to achieve R-7.5. Great. All things happy. Except I ran into an issue. My rectangle ducting (the main trunk) line actually stops a 1/4" away from my ...
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Noisy ducts, problem with insulation?

I have what I'm coming to believe is a unique noise issue with the HVAC ducting in my house. I've spoken to four different professionals and they are all somewhat dumbfounded. The problem is that my ...
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Basement duct installation with fire sprinkler pipe

Can I install a metal HVAC duct with register into the same ceiling joist bay as an orange fire sprinkler pipe, parallel to it? The sprinkler pipe has 2 heads on it.
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Asbestos in close proximity of floor repair

I have a floor repair to make in a 1950's home that had the large in floor central heater installed that has long been removed. The owner wants the grate removed and flooring toothed back in, matching ...
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Passing insulated duct through floor

A bathroom exhaust fan's instructions call for 4 inch insulated flexible duct to minimize noise and to prevent condensation in the attic space. The duct has to pass through the attic's floor boards at ...
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How to seal the frayed fiberglass border of internal duct insulation in the middle of a duct

I had to remove the bottom foot of internal duct insulation touching the ground due to sewage backup. Now that there is a frayed edge of internal insulation inside the ductwork with the remaining ...
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Size of a return duct

because I have a large bedroom, I’m adding another return duct which I will put on the ceiling against the wall. It's a 15’ ceiling and I want to get the trapped hot air out. Now, I was thinking of ...
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Would a ducted heat pump lose a lot of effeciency if the ducts are installed in an open crawlspace?

Currently I use a woodstove to heat my place (no ducts). I am thinking about installing an air-to-air ducted heat pump to heat my place. I am trying to figure out what are the important factors (in ...
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Sound proofing a panned floor joist return run (basement apartment)

I'm building a basement rental unit in our home. We'll be living upstairs so I'm doing my best to sound separate the upper and lower units. I'm using a seperate hvac system for the basement (baseboard ...
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Can this stack air duct be removed to tear down small wall?

I have an appointment with the HVAC supply business that installed the furnace 2 years ago but it is months away. My question is can I remove this wall to make my shower bigger? Through research I ...
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