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What are the different types of drywall anchors, and what are the advantages of each?

I recently put up wire shelving in my pantry, and spent forever figuring out what type of drywall anchor I should use. I even found several types that I didn't even know existed. It might be good to ...
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TV mounting bracket does not fit the stud locations - how can I overcome that?

I would like to mount my 32" LCD TV to a wall using a swivelling bracket that I bought. The wall it needs to go to is plasterboard so I need to mount it on the studs. However, I've got a problem - the ...
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7 answers

Why would plastic anchors pull out of the wall?

What is going wrong? To install plastic anchors I was taught to drill a small hole (exact size of anchor or slightly smaller.... lightly tap in anchor until fully recessed and face is flush with ...
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How to remove closet shelf clips and brackets without damaging the wall?

The previous owner of my new house installed ClosetMaid shelves in the closet. I removed the shelves, but had a really hard time with those clips and brackets (pictures attached). Seem like they were ...
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How should I mount a TV stand on a wall covered in drywall?

How should I mount a TV stand on a wall covered in drywall? Should I trenail it to the wall?
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3 answers

Is it OK to install a TV mount when it can't be attached to a stud at all mount points?

I have a TV wall panel that can only reach two studs. I was wondering if it's fine to screw the left side and the center on studs, and have the right side anchored in the drywall. My TV is 30lbs with ...
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What is the usual maximum load for drywall? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How much weight can you mount to a wall? I've only recently moved beyond yellow wall plugs and into a different style of self taping plug that's rated to significantly higher ...
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Can a chin-up bar be supported by just two of the four intended mounting points?

I would like to hang a chin-up bar on a drywall. So far I'm lucky. I measured that the studs (dotted in the image) are 16″ apart. The distance between the two lower holes in the frame (grey area in ...
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3 answers

How do I properly mount hardware to a wall covered in AirStone?

I have made a wooden magnetic knife holder which uses keyhole eyelets to enable mounting to a wall. In my previous house my kitchen backsplash was covered in tile so I drilled a hole and inserted a ...
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Attaching towel rail to drywall

I'm considering attaching a new towel rail to the drywall in my bathroom, with attachment points approximately marked by the yellow postit notes in this picture. This is on the 21st floor of a condo ...
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5 answers

Why are all towel bars 24 inch? With studs being 16 inches apart - how do people mount them?

I want to install a towel bar in my bathrooms - and I went to Home Depot to get one - but all of their towel bars were 24 inch... This to me is weird. Do all people just mount their towel bars to a ...
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How do I repair a curtain rod anchor that was ripped out of the wall?

My children managed to pull on the curtains hard enough to yank the bracket which attached the curtain rod to the wall out. What is the best way to repair this? Here's what it looks like:
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3 answers

Screw is turning within wall plug and not tightening

In attempting to fix a toilet roll holder to a wall in my bathroom, the screw within the wall plug fails to tighten and grip the bracket. It does screw in but doesn't tighten against the wall. There ...
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How to safely install drywall anchors near wiring

I need to hang a rack on a pantry wall, the other side of which has a light-switch. The rack will be holding quite a bit of weight (well-distributed, and close to the wall, though), and I need to ...
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How do I install a coat rack on drywall over concrete?

Ok, here's the problem. I have a coat rack that was installed poorly by the previous owner, who firstly installed it upside down and then secondly didn't use any drywall mounts. It came right out of ...
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2 answers

Mounting to hollow wall through slate tile

I have slate tile on a wall in my bathroom and I want to mount a couple of robe hooks on this wall. My plan was to use a couple of spring toggles, as the wall is approaching 1" thick with the tile ...
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How to fix a cupboard to 32mm thick plasterboard

I want to fix a cabinet to a bathroom wall. The wall is 710mm wide and has a single stud slightly off-centre, about 270mm from the right, but which is too near the middle to be useful for hanging the ...
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Is it safe to mount a 40" TV fitted to drywall using one metal stud and snaptoggles?

My son has just fitted my new 40" LED TV to drywall. He did attach a board to the drywall but when he purchased the board he had assumed the metal studs were 18" apart not 24" so only bought a 20" ...
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Is it safe to use drywall anchors for a heavy bookshelf between two studs?

I want to put a bookshelf (heavy load) in a small alcove where I have access to threw studs, two 11" apart (left side) and the other two 28" apart (right side). I would like to mount standards to ...
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