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Questions tagged [dry-rot]

Wood damage caused by current or prior elevated moisture levels.

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Best way to dry out wet, painted wood

So I just got this boat. It has a painted plywood roof, but it's been neglected for many years, and the paint has begun to chip/peel. Parts of the roof are a bit rotten, and most of it is damp when ...
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White substance on roof timbers

I've just inherited my dad's house and I've been looking over it's condition, and one of the walls was getting damp when it rains, I had a look in the loft and saw the following: Is this dry rot? It'...
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Do I need a new door? Screen door? Just frame?

Do I need new door frame too? (Wood rot) Any help appreciated !! We are hoping to move in next year or so and this house has given us so many issues. Now we found what I guessed to be dry rot under ...
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What is orange fine dust after vacuuming a new carpet in an old house

I installed a new carpet in an old house. Vacuuming the new carpet picked up orange fine dust. Do you know what might cause the dust? Do I need to worry about it? Is it possible a hidden dry-rot issue ...
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Building square tapered porch columns that won't rot

I have 4 columns originally built with 7 ply plywood and some are starting to rot. I've rebuilt one with cedar but am looking for a material that will last even longer without breaking the bank. The ...
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How to properly hire contractor(s) to fix deck and railing deterioration?

During home inspection while buying our place the inspector underestimated the cost of the job to fix rot that got inside the railing on a tiny (~3'x3') balcony/deck. He said it would cost ~$1000 to ...
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