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Questions tagged [dry-rot]

Wood damage caused by current or prior elevated moisture levels.

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1 answer

Cause of white rot on floor joist

The structural floor system on the 4th and top floor of a house in Rotterdam that was built in 1906 consists of 20cm x 7.5cm wooden joists which are spaced at 67cm center to center. There is nothing ...
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Repairing rot in window framing

I recently noticed some soft spots in my T1-11 siding around a window. In hopes that the problem was just in the siding I started the process of removing the rotten piece. Once I removed it I found ...
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Replacing rotted brickmold and sill - what’s the sill piece called?

Thanks for your time. I’m replacing exterior brickmold and don’t want to spend good money after bad so I could benefit from others’ experience. Here’s a picture, I’ve circled the piece in question: ...
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draining sauna into crawlspace

I'm thinking of setting up a drain from my sauna through the floor of my house into my crawlspace. Practically speaking, would this damage the house?
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How much condensation is okay on storm windows?

I have an old house that has both wooden and aluminum storm windows. Many of the windows develop condensation and frost on the storm windows when it's cold outside. I made sure weep holes were clear,...
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