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Equalateral triangle inside circle: How long are the triangle sides? [closed]

I have a 30-inch circle (inside diameter). If I had a equalateral triangle inside it, what would the length of the triangle sides be? The triangle sides do not have a thickness.
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How thick should my concrete walls be?

I've been drafting a house for a couple years now and through many iterations I discovered one of the biggest flaws in how I was drafting was in not knowing what I would be building the house out of. ...
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Who is the right type of person to create construction drawings for a home I've already designed?

As the ultimate DIY project, I want to owner-build a home. I've already "designed" the house, meaning I have a 1/2" scale floor plan, roofing ridge line, and elevations for all interior and exterior ...
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How do I design and build a simple, sturdy, and affordable table?

Table Design I'd like to build two tables at custom proportions to display my LEGO model city. I've already designed the layout consisting of two tables aligned into an L shape: The two freestanding ...
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What resources can teach me to draw floor plans by hand?

Are there any simple books or websites that can teach me how to draw floor plans? It seems most planning is done with CAD software. I like the idea of being able to sketch out ideas down on paper.
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What is the recommended home design software? [duplicate]

I am going to be finishing my basement. I would like to design the new basement myself using design software. What is the recommended home design software?
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What is an affordable 2D drafting software for amateurs?

Background: We have about 1500 feet of unfinished basement that I am contemplating finishing off into a "grandma suite". Before getting serious about the project, however, I would like to play around ...
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