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2 answers

How do I stick paper on the wall in a stylish manner?

I want to stick some papers on my room wall, some paintings and notes .. but looking for a way that it looks fashion. Any ideas about that?
2 votes
3 answers

How can I temporarily partition a large open space to create another room?

I'm renting a small apartment which has one bedroom, near the front door there is a large open space that could easily be converted to a bedroom/office with the addition of a partition across a wall. ...
5 votes
5 answers

Can I use a 6 foot long table as the base for a stand up desk?

I am looking to create my own cheap stand up desk. My current idea is to take one of the cheap $40 6 foot tables where the legs fold up and buy 4 plastic crates to put on the corners of the desk ...
2 votes
2 answers

Where should I place a stove master switch on an island?

We're having our kitchen redone and I would like to integrate our free-standing stove into the island unit. Where would be decent place to put the stove master switch within this island as there are ...
4 votes
1 answer

Prefab recommendations

I'm toying with the idea of completely knocking and rebuilding my house. Does anyone here have experience with prefabs? In my case I'd need a 2000ft2 modern but traditional-looking house (since my ...

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