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Questions about planning, installing, and servicing network cabling such as computer networks, home automation, and so on. See also the [cabling] tag.

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When running crawl space conduit, must the conduit be run through the joist via drilled holes, or can they be attached underneath?

I'm wiring my home for 110V and cat6e(48-0V). There is currently no wiring, just an air tight shell with interior studs exposed. There is a crawl space where I would like to run all of the conduit ...
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How to properly connect existing 8-port cat5 data/voice module SAM-V8 and 8-port voice module?

Moved into a new house with two jacks in each room, an 8-port Cat5 data/voice module and an 8port Voice module. Really am still coming to terms with what I'm looking at here. My goal is to have data/...
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How can I route data cables through the ceiling?

I'm wiring my new home, and I have a camera system (BNC but looks like a stero cable in diameter) and ethernet cables that I've run to the attic space. Everything was going great until summer hit, ...
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Please help identify thing wired into my home alarm

Wired into my alarm panel per the enclosed photo is a small black-wrapped device wired to the 12V+, - & Earth. What might this be for - voltage stabilisation, noise reduction, ...? Grateful for ...
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Installing CAT6 in a wall without using trunking or conduit

I’ve just bought an old house in the UK (circa 1902) and am running CAT6 cable through most of it. I bought Outdoor Cable as I needed something a bit more durable. The downside is that I can’t run any ...
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Improving Cell Signal to Increase Data Speeds

I just moved to a very rural area in Western WA on the top of a hill. My internet options are very slow (< 3Mb/s) DSL, Sat, and using my cell provider (Verizon Wireless) for internet. The last ...
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enclose networking cable without splice

I paid an electrician to run cat6 between our house and home office in the back. On one end he left the wiring exposed. Is there a way to enclose this wire without splicing? This is in the south and ...
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Cable gland with thicker rubber seal/apron

I'm looking to use a cable gland to waterproof a low voltage valve actuator connection in a junction box. I have a cable gland appropriately sized for the wire, however the connector on the end of the ...
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Is my plan to use Alexa to turn on a fireplace reasonable?

I have a fireplace (gas) with a constant 0.5V low voltage current as the igniter connected to a single pole switch. I would like to add Alexa via a 120VAC separate smart switch that has a timer that ...
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Extending internet signal to all outlets

My house is wired with two Cat5e cables: one terminated downstairs, one upstairs. Currently, only the downstairs outlet is receiving signal, with the modem being hooked up to it. I'd like to move the ...
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There’s a cat5e coming out of my wall, how do I make it work?

I recently moved in with family and noticed a Ethernet cord coming out of the wall in my room (mine is the only room with one). It’s obviously not connected to the modem or router, and I’m not sure ...
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