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Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result of intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure. Please use this tag for queries related to all type of damp.

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What is causing water collection on inside of concrete ceiling

This is a picture from the inside of a 1970's concrete build house in the UK; as far as I can tell there is no cavity wall (definitely no insulation) so that both walls and ceiling are exterior facing ...
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Restoring a 1930s Hardwood Floor with Dampness Issues Near Hearth

We’re restoring the original hardwood floor in our 1930s semi-detached house and have encountered a dampness issue. The problem area is around the slate hearth, where the wood’s edge is damp. We ...
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How to properly top a parapet wall with coping stones?

I have a flat-roofed extension with a parapet wall (built by previous home owner). The parapet is topped with once weathered concrete coping. The extension is about 15 years old and - I think - the ...
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damp line behind toilet

There is a damp line being formed behind the toilet commode, as seen in the picture. Any suggestions on where the problem lies would be appreciated. Edit: I've added pictures of what it looks like ...
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Which trade deals with extractor fan ducting?

We're getting a lot of damp around the extractor fan, and I'd like the flexible ducting (in the loft) to be replaced with rigid ducting - does anyone know which trade deals with extractor fan ducting? ...
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What external options are there to prevent penetrating damp from a difference in ground levels

I have a single skin/solid brick wall garage. It has a problem of penetrating damp due to the external ground level being 2 to 3ft above the damp proof course. Outside is flat ground with a patio on ...
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Can windows alone be a cause of damp?

I recently looked round a house and put in an offer. There is visible damp underneath every window in the house. Would this be solved by replacing the windows? Or is there likely a more serious cause ...
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What could be causing this moisture issue at the bottom of the middle wall?

We're baffled by this. Can someone help us solve this mystery? In our mobile home, we recently (as in within the past few days) discovered some moisture behind the baseboard in the middle of an ...
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Self Levelling and Liquid DPM over damp on ground floor quarry tiles - disaster

I have a question about rising damp on quarry tiles ground floor in old building. I removed the old carpet and realised there was damp patches on the tiled floor below, im believe there is no dpm ...
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Damp appearing after flooring was put into ground floor room

This is a UK house build around 1900. The ground floor room had no flooring or carpet, just the subfloor was exposed. We decided to decorate the room with wood laminate flooring with an underlay and ...
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