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Looking to DIY some LED crown moulding in my home, I feel like crown moulding is something I can make myself. Looking for cheap ideas [closed]

I have a small livingroom that I'm looking to add some LED crown moulding to as a form of indirect lighting since there's no overhead light in this room. I've looked at some websites and found a few ...
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Should I expect to find gaps or open spaces in custom cabinets? [closed]

Contractor installed unassembled custom cabinets in kitchen. There are open spaces at every corner that you can look underneath and see to the ceiling. We are being told this is customary practice? ...
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New Exterior Door Needs to be Trimmed - Slab vs. Pre-Hung, and Material [closed]

I'm redoing a small exterior door that is not a standard size. Width is about 80", but height is closer to 77"-78". From what I can tell, the existing door was a simple slab door that ...
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