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How do I repair my electric range dual-coil surface element wiring?

My Kenmore (Whirlpool) model# 66595775890 mid-90s electric range dual coil surface element is not working. Upon inspection, discovered that the wire connecting the coil common terminal to the 1A (...
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What kind of crimping tool do I need for these bullet-style cable connectors?

I need to connect pairs of wires within a narrow space (in one of the dimensions). I've been thinking of getting this kind of connector pairs: but I know they need crimping. The only crimping I've ...
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Shorten hansgrohe techniflex hose?

I'd like to shorten a Hansgrohe Techniflex hose. The spot that the pipe nipple comes out of the wall is too low and the handshower can hit the tile. Here's a pic. I already broke one hand shower this ...
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What is the best way to crimp high temperature wire with uninsulated quick disconnect terminals?

I need to make a jumper wire to connect an electric range surface element to its temperature limiter. What I have available is posted in these pictures: high temp Teflon fiber glass insulated wire ...
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Ring connector max amps?

I bought some ring connectors (crimp) for a fairly high-current application. The connectors don't say anything about current rating, though. (They're Gardner Bender 15-096, btw.) I haven't found ...
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Normal for PEX-B fittings to rotate in tubing after crimping with copper crimp rings?

Is it normal for a PEX-B fitting to be able to rotate in the tubing after crimping with copper crimp rings? I’m using Apollo fittings, tubing, and copper crimp rings along with the IWISS iCrimp angle-...
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How to properly strip silicone wire insulation?

The silicone high temperature double (fiberglass weave?) insulated wire is not getting stripped by wire strippers because it is very soft and seemingly molded onto the wire. How can I remove the ...
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