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How far from the foundation and how deep should a French drain be?

My wife and I bought a house recently but sadley the rainy season has come and I noticed a bad smell coming from the crawlspace I went under neath and found standing water about a inch deep running ...
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How can I prevent interior French Drain from further eroding soil under garage slab?

I have a home with a block wall foundation and adjacent garage (built on a slab) on the left side facing the house. The house sits on a grade with right side to left side drop of 3/4" to 1" per foot. ...
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Geotextile Filter for French drain woven or non-woven?

I'm getting to the point of buying the material for my French drain, which is suppose to go at the foundation of my house's crawlspace. Now the question, I couldn't find a definite answer to...the ...
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Curtain drain in the crawl space - Part 3

I've dug out a trench around the perimeter of my crawl space. Then I planned the next steps. I took a week off but I'd like to finish this project next weekend. I'm going to put a 4" perforated pipe. ...
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5 votes
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How should I install a curtain drain in my crawl space?

Since I have wet areas in the crawl space, I have decided to dig a trench at the perimeter of my crawl space to take care of the water. This would also allow me to install rigid foam insulation on ...
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