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Can I use a corner bead over wood?

So for context, I had a stack pipe replaced, then I had a carpenter come and build a new wooden enclosure (see pictures) to cover the stack and the other pipes bringing water to an upstairs bathroom. ...
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matching part of drywall with fiberboard

In the basement, I've got little room behind a door, that would only facilitate something like fiberboard, but the rest of the room is using drywall. I also don't have the ability to add a backing ...
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Tiling exterior an exterior corner -are there any other options other than mitering the tiles or using bullnose tiles?

In the figure below I marked with red the outside corner I am talking about As far as I can see I could use bull nose tiles ore try to miter the tiles (which seems to be difficult as you need special ...
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Remove half corner bead

I’m replacing a portion of drywall that was previously covered in tile. The drywall is damaged enough that it needs replaced, not simply repairing. The wall is 8’ and all tile was below the 4’ mark. ...
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bullnose vinyl corner hole repair

I have a bullnose corner with roughly 3" hole. What is a good way to fill such a hole and repair? Can drywall patch be applied? Or some other method? Do I need mud or just spackling?
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