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what is the pictured plumbing item and what is its purpose?

I need to replace a short run of pipe in my basement. The attached photo is of the return line in a baseboard hot water heating zone. I do not know what the item in the photo is. What is the ...
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In copper sweat fittings, what is the minimum insert depth?

Copper sweat fittings typical come with about 0.5" (or whatever) insert depth for copper pipe? For example, Obviously, it is recommended and best practice to insert the copper pipe that full 0....
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1 answer

Is it ok to split the hose bib for underground irrigation

I'd like to install an underground irrigation system for 4 zones. There are 6 - 7 sprinkler heads with Hunter MP rotator nozzle per zone. The main poly pipe will be 1" and it runs to the most 1/2&...
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What is an air bleeder valve, and how does it winterize pipes?

I found this message attached to a pipe in the first house I bought Caution Winter Drain Instructions: Close valve in October before winter freeze Open air bleeder valve on side of main valve Open ...
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6 answers

How do I replace a toilet supply stop valve attached to copper pipe?

I need to replace the stop valve to my toilet but it is connected to a copper pipe from the wall as shown in the photo. I have no experience working with copper pipes. How should I proceed?
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Corrosion on pipe?

This section of pipe has looked the same for a few years (perhaps the whole time I’ve lived here)Never seen visible leak or dampness. So am not sure if this is a leak or impending leak……does this ...
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2 answers

Copper pipe just slightly over 1/2 inch

On my 40+ year old house, I have a burst copper pipe. It is just very slightly over 1/2". It won't fit any copper fittings I've found, and won't even fit into a pushfit like a Sharkbite fitting. ...
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What are these plastic pieces on my water pipes for?

I have these plastic pieces around my copper water pipes that run under the stairs. What are these black and white plastic pieces for? They seem to serve no purpose. Thank you.
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2 answers

How bad is this corrosion and what would cause it?

Not sure if this is a useful picture but I have some copper pipe that is green with corrosion / oxidation and wondering if this is something I should replace. And what the cause would be? Is it ...
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2 answers

Is this pipe corrosion a problem?

Is this pipe corrosion a problem that needs to be fixed? This is one of the water connection for our hot water tank (gas powered). Thanks!
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1 answer

Can I route a copper pipe bypass like this (and drill a stud)?

I finally found the water leak in my condo. I cut and cap a 1/2in pipe and the hissing sound of water went away. Now I have to figure out how to install a bypass because I lost the cold water in both ...
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5 answers

Any problem heating old solder joints in copper pipe?

I'm looking for an underground leak in my condo. I opened up the wall where I know the cold water lines go underground (see picture). I'm going to cap the 1/2 in pipe (the one on the left) and I'm ...
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Do copper water pipes split underground?

I'm trying to figure out where I may have a water leak. This is related to this question. I'm thinking capping and bypassing pipes is easy provide they do not split underground. Do/can they split ...
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0 answers

Is the hissing sound of water the source point of the leak?

I have a water leak (I think) but no water leak anywhere in my condo. I heard the hissing noise a week ago and still no water anywhere. My condo is upstairs and my garage (and neighbor garage) below. ...
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3 answers

Why doesn't my threaded copper pipe fit a SharkBite reducer?

I have the old 1 inch copper pipes in the basement. I'm about to reduce the size of the pipe into 3/4. So I bought a reducer, SharkBite 1/2 x 3/4 reducer(picture 1). The problem is my pipe size is a ...