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What is the name of these silver curtains used to reflect heat energy back outside?

Some people use aluminum foil to reflect heat on windows but I find it very depressing and bad-looking thing. My Chinese friends use 台州涂银反光窗帘布 but I have no idea what it is in English: they translated ...
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How can I measure the r-value of a wall?

What is a reproducible test to measure the r-value of an exterior wall? Or even a specific spot on a specific wall? It needn't produce an absolutely certain result, but a good estimate with known ...
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How to wire ecobee thermostat to central heat pump (two wires only)

I apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum for this. If so, please let me know where I should start. I am looking to have my central heat pump set up with Ecobee Enhanced. For background, ...
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Portable air conditioner question

I've picked a portable HVAC unit. It's a 2.6 KW 10,000 BTU model. The only way I will be able to vent it is by cutting a hole in one of the glass windows and and using the special fitting. I wanted to ...
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How do you trigger the HVAC with wiring only?

I have a HVAC that has the usually wiring C R G W Y Pinouts What wires do I need to connect to turn on Heating? What wires do I need to connect to turn on the A/C? Is there a risk of damaging any ...
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HVAC system that pulls-in cold air from outside?

My house has an existing forced-air heating system and I'm looking at getting central AC added in a few weeks' time (indeed, I've booked contractors for estimates next week). An AC system would keep ...
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Does running a dehumidifier with an AC unit save money?

I've done as much research as i can an every site i hit seems to have a different story on my question: "Will a dehumidifier save energy while running your AC through the summer"? The ones that say "...
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Apartment on the top floor gets very hot - cheap, eco friendly ways to keep the place cool?

I have an apartment on the top floor of an apartment building (the community roof is right over us). In summer, the place gets very hot! I can't start a community garden upstairs and am dying with the ...
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Shading windows from outside (awnings, shutters, etc) to keep house from overheating in summer

The back of my house faces west, and during July and August, the sun hits it directly in the afternoon through evening. On a warm day, this can cause the house to heat up quite a bit, so I'm making ...
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Should I COMPRESS fiberglass OR use foam insulation?

I have a room made of hollowed concrete blocks that I framed by mounting 2x4s, wide side against the wall. This gives me a 1.5in depth cavity to fill with insulation. Should I use an r19 fiberglass ...
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Cooling radiators in summer?

How efficient would it be to use radiators circulating with cold water, to cool house in summer? Wondering if anyone has tried this, and how well it works? I was thinking about H/AC in general, and ...
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How long should it take to a 1.5 tons AC to cool down a 2000sqf house from 80F to 77F?

I know that it might depend on a lot of things like: -how air tight is the house -how old it is (insulation, windows etc) -what windows are installed -BTW I have casement window -outdoor temp (...
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