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Installing a single pole smart motion light switch in a three wire configuration

I have two three-way switches controlling two lights in my laundry room at either entrance. I want to remove one altogether and replace the other with a Kasa motion sensing dimmer switch which is ...
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Transition from wood to concrete floor in middle of room

I'm converting my attached garage to a living space. The floor is graded and so will need to be raised. The deeper portion can be raised via building a wood subfloor, but the portion that's shallow ...
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How to handle expansion joints in garage floor during conversion

I'm converting my attached garage to a living space. The floor is graded and so will need to be raised (likely via putting an osb subfloor on top of it). Current garage slab has contraction joints cut ...
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MNPT/MIP confusion - PVC pipe to frost free (freeze resistant) sillcock/hose bibb

Short version: -I am interested in hearing your thoughts on how best to install a cold-weather sillcock/hose bib & I am running into some MIP/MNPT uncertainty. -Situation: I can find an adapter ...
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Must I redo the floor as part of a carport conversion?

I live in northern Alabama and was looking to convert my carport into a living room with a fireplace centered on the peak of the house. The front of the house faces the south. Do I need to re-do the ...
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Running two induction units (1800 W, 120 V, 15 A each) on top of GE electric coil element stove through the stove cable and 50 A 2-pole breaker

I have placed two induction surface units on top of our 30-year-old GE coil element stove (model JSP31GOP1WH). I have removed all four coil burners. Each of the induction units is rated at 1800 W at ...
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