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Thermostat connection and NEST compatibility question

We have this thermostat. It's no longer allowing the temperature to be adjusted. It will control the furnace on/off, it just won't allow the temperature to be adjusted. Date & time are still able ...
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Extend underground rainwater drain pipe down hill

I need to extend an underground drain pipe. The current pipe is underground a few inches and ends at the top of a hill that's a few feet tall. The hill is angled at (perhaps) 35 degrees. The current ...
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Help w/ Countertop Dishwasher Connection/Adapter

I have a countertop dishwasher that needs to be hooked into my faucet, but the major obstacle is that my faucet is a pull-out spray head. I can pop the bottom of the spray head off to reveal the ...
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How do I unhook this connector?

See attached image. It's for a light kit for a ceiling fan. I have a new light kit--how do I disconnect this?
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What type of quick-connect barrel/pin terminal is this in my furnace control panel?

When repairing my furnace I inadvertently ripped out a quick-connect terminal from the black cylinder (probably a capacitor.) The male end at the end of the capacitor is basically a long, sharp, pin (...
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What is this Titus metal part called?

I found this metal piece with the brand name Titus. What is it called and what is it for?
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What is the best way to attach vertical joists to the underside of a ceiling header for a home climbing wall?

I've been working on designing a home climbing wall and have found this guide by Metolius quite useful. However, I've been having trouble deciding how to attach the vertical joists to the header I ...
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How to connect flexible PVC tubing to PVC pipe with no chance of connection breaking?

I am assembling the plumbing for a pond. I've put nearly all of the plumbing under water, so if something breaks, the leak will occur underwater, within the pond, and thus, it has no chance of the ...
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Can't disconnect interlock switch terminals from connectors

I am trying to remove the interlock door switch in a GE microwave model JEB1860SM2SS. I was able to unhook it from the frame, but I can't pull the connecters off the terminals. The plastic that covers ...
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Cable gland with thicker rubber seal/apron

I'm looking to use a cable gland to waterproof a low voltage valve actuator connection in a junction box. I have a cable gland appropriately sized for the wire, however the connector on the end of the ...
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Can i use Straight blade connector for garbage disposal under sink

The current garbage disposal is hardwired , I am replacing it with new one which comes with cord . can u use cord connector (Straight blade connector) is it ok to use this setup ans be under building ...
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What is this metal bracket called?

I want to connect two parallel, overlapping wooden beams by putting two steel “braces” on each of the ends of the overlapping stretch, so four in total. These braces should look like the one I’ve ...
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Multiple port in-line push-in connector?

I've been working in some very tight light fixtures lately, and it was basically impossible to get the wires with wire nuts tucked into the fixture. So I came across multi-port push-in connectors, ...
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Advice on connecting RO filter system

My kitchen faucet water pipes are pretty high and close to the sink. I'm not sure if it was done on purpose to have more space at the bottom of the cabinet or a miscalculation. In order to install the ...
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How can I replace this connection? (sprinkler system)

So this connection sprung a leak sometime over the winter, I need to add tape to it or replace the connector. How can I get the metal loops off? They aren't the kind that has a screw to loosen/...
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Adapter for NTC boiler probe

I just bought a replacement NTC probe for my boiler (bought with specific part number) but once the item arrived I noticed the connector wasn't matching. I think this is due to past maintenance when ...
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Installing Outdoor Porch Light-Wiring

I’m trying to install a new outdoor porch light and the wires are connected by some plastic sheath/tube. I cut it away to see if it was normal underneath to discover the wires are connected by some ...
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Collar between shower drain and p-trap?

I am renovating a small bathroom, including a shower. I am needing to replace the shower drain assembly, but it is a very tight area to do much work in, with no access from underneath. The current ...
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