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How to Connect Modems to Wall?

I see this kind of connectors at the bottom of each my modem but I cannot use them for anything because the package is not provided with particular screws and I cannot find those screws anywhere etc ...
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Connect 1/2" supply line to 3/8" outer diameter faucet line

I bought from Home Depot a Glacier faucet that comes with 3/8 inch O.D. supply tubes. The supply lines from the wall have an outer diameter of 1/2 inches though. How do I connect the two? This seems ...
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Help in identifying a mystery wall socket [duplicate]

I am trying to identify a mystery wall receptacle that I have in my house (built in the 60s, USA). I have one in the living room next to a fireplace, another in a bedroom. It looks somewhat like the ...
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Polaris type electrical connectors terminology

I have a question regarding Polaris type electrical connectors. I should state right up front I am NOT an electrician, but have done some home wiring and think I know most of the basics. I am trying ...
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Can you disconnect and reconnect a gas flex pipe?

I installed a new dryer last week and, in doing so, purchases a new flex pipe as they say you should never re-use the old one. I now need to make some adjustments to the flooring so need to pull the ...
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Can I leave an open port when using push-in connectors?

This question made me aware that push-in type connectors are available and got me thinking about using them in an upcoming rewiring project. I have three types of junctions in my rewiring project ...
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2 answers

What is this electric burner connector?

It looks a bit like a female spade connector, but it has a couple of "tails" at the back of the curled part that lock it into the ceramic block, and a ramp at the front that guides the ...
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Mount pergola post at an angle

I want to build a pergola similar to the one below and was wondering what to use to connect the posts to the ground (notice how they are at an angle to the vertical) Also, what is the connector/...
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Copper water line connection to fridge has a very tiny leak. How can I fix it?

I just bought a new refrigerator and have connected my previous copper water line to the appliance. It seemed leak-free, but about an hour after we pushed the fridge back in place we noticed a very ...
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