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2 votes
1 answer

Size of conductor from UFER to main panel upgrade

I am doing a service upgrade from 100 to 400A. I recently passed the mandrel inspection for the conduit. The power company, PG&E, now wants a meter release from the city. I met with the city ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Why does dryer manufacturer not recommend runs of 10/3 cable longer than 15 feet (4.5m)?

I'm moving my dryer from one side of the laundry room to the other one, and extending my circuit from the existing outlet box -- the new length of the run (old+new) is roughly 25 feet. During an on-...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can 90 deg C conductors feed a 75 deg C sub-panel if the feeder breaker is properly sized to limit current/heating?

What makes a main-lug enclosure rated for 75 deg C NOT usable for 90 deg C conductors? Assuming you used 90 deg C conductors in an application where the design (e.g. feeder breaker) limited currents ...
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Is it safe to use extension cords whose wires are not double-insulated?

Most of the two-prong extension cords I have encountered have two conductors which do not seem double-insulated. This is in contrast with three-prong power strips which usually have three, already ...
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3 answers

Using steel conduit as a ground intermitantly. Any problems with this?

Small back story: This is a Philly row home, so the long walls are solid brick. original outlets were non-existant or embedded in baseboards. While most of the home is being wired with romex, I am ...
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Are "pigtailed" conductors at an outlet required to comply with the length requirements of 300.14 for conductors that are spliced in the box?

I normally make any pigtails at an outlet or switch box about six inches, same as the requirement found in 300.14 for spliced conductors that emerge from their cable or raceway into the box, but an ...
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