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Can I safely cut a copper compressor pipe with r600a gas?

Can I safely cut a fridge compressors copper pipes if it uses r600a gas. I've read of people taking out fridge compressors but I want to check whether it's safe to cut the pipes like this?
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Should I release the pressure out of an air compressor when it is not in use?

Just got a new compressor and I wondering if I should be releasing all of the pressure out of the unit when it is not in use? Or is it better to leave the pressure in so that the unit does not have ...
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What's the minimum recommended compressor HP/PSI to spray paint?

I have a little compressor that I use for a small brad nailer and blowing up tires. Is there a minimum PSI or horsepower that I need to be able to get to in order to spray paint with it?
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Prevent air leaking from couplings on an air compressor hose

I recently purchased an air compressor. When I turn it on without a hose attached, it seems to work fine. It gets up to 140 PSI and shuts off the motor. As soon as I attach the hose, I can't get ...
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HVAC is suddenly blowing room temperature air—compressor, fan still turn on

I intend to call a repair person, but I just want to make I've exhausted possibilities that don't involve messing with the refrigerant lines. The A/C was working yesterday with no problems (outdoor ...
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Is a PVC union air tight?

I have 1/2" PVC ran from my compressor to a hose real hanging on my ceiling. It works well, but I would like to add a PVC union around the last bend just before the reel. Would the union be tight ...
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Help: Wiring 220V in garage to NEMA 10-30r because MIG welder and air compressor have 10-30p

I've reviewed many articles on this website as they've been referred by my Google searches. But most have been about dryers. I have an older air compressor (240V, 60Hz, 15A, 5hp) and a MIG welder (...
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Compressor very noisy for sub-zero freezer section. Ice starting to melt

Any advice how to solve the above issue?
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