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Is cellulose, blown-in insulation compostable?

I have excess cellulose / blown-in insulation. Can I compost that in my backyard, as it is essentially wood? I do not plan on using it for composting with plants that produce vegetables or fruit. ...
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What power supply adapter used to plug this 12V 1.4W fan into wall?

This is the 12V DC 1.4watt fan I want to wire up to plug into the wall. What specification (volts,amps, watts) are required in the power supply adapter that I ...
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Drain pipe valve under garbage disposal for compost

I have this idea but I don't know if such thing exists. Basically I want to build a switching / valve mechanism that connects to garbage disposal output so that I can flip it to and point the grinded ...
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New Sprinkler Installation - Rototill/Level Before or After? Any other "Pre-Sprinkler" Preparation?

I have a (mostly) dirt and weeds backyard to which I am planning to add sprinkling and new sod next month. However, my locality requires (and I agree since the soil is poor) that I rototill in compost ...
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What's the best way to leave an air flow shaft in wood chips after removing a PVC pipe?

I'm going to be composting a lot of wood chips this winter, and only have one large PVC pipe. How can I remove the PVC pipe from the wood chips while leaving the air shaft in place?
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What is the proper garbage disposal/recycle process?

It has always been a problem for me since I moved from Russia to separate my stuff into compost/recycle/garbage cans by material. I find it to difficult and ineffective to memorize where each ...
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If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they build a 'composter-friendly' under-sink disposal? [closed]

If they can put a man on the moon--and add wi-fi to our thermostats--why can't they build a 'composter-friendly' under-sink disposal? I'd love a disposal that could send the ground up 'solid waste' ...
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Natural/Free Composting Liner

I live in an area where we have municipal composting, so it's quite common that every house has two composting bins: a tall green one (about a meter tall), and a smaller, pail-like one. They pick up ...
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