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Floating deck substructure—which is the better approach?

I'm planning a 16x19' ground-level floating deck, using deck blocks (they work well in my area). A big box store gave me a rough deck plan and materials which I've laid out (option 1), but I've seen a ...
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Composite post sleeves deteriorating

I have several 4x4 deck railing posts wrapped in composite sleeves. Some of the sleeves are rotting or deteriorating and I’m looking for solutions. I have considered replacing them but the colors of ...
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Bring composite deck back to life

Is there a way to enhance the look of a composite deck ? This deck was built 5 years ago and looks little worn out. To make matters worse there were some paint droplets on the deck and i used a metal ...
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Can composite decking be installed on plastic bases?

I live in UK and I'm planning to install some composite decking in my garden. I see there are two options for me here: Click deck tiles Composite deck boards Can either of these be installed on a ...
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