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Norton door closer - older model - how to adjust?

I've tried searching and cant seem to find what model this is or how to adjust it. This door slams shut and I want to adjust it to slow down.
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Door closer adjustment - hex key blocked

I'm trying to adjust the torque of my door adjuster. The usual place where the hex key is inserted seems to be blocked by some kind of cap: What gives - am I barking up the wrong tree?
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How can I fix a commercial door closer that jerks when opened, making loud noise?

Take a look at this video with sound on. This door closer, a Dynasty 2000, works great and is quiet except in the instant that opening force is released and the door starts slowly closing. It seems ...
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How to keep a door from closing when left open [duplicate]

I have a bathroom door that naturally tends to close itself if left open. I would like to not replace or rehang the door (it is a cheap hollow-core door, but I would like to add … something so that ...
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How do I take the slack out of a door closer chain?

There is a cylinder with a spring inside. Presumably when the spring is compressed it will pull the external chain attached to it to be taught, I.e. not slack. But I can't keep the spring compressed ...
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Which door closer can make a screen door close *slowly*?

I have one of these common residential screen door closers: From what I can tell, they are primarily meant to make sure your door closes. I haven't seen a video of someone adjusting it so that it ...
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Storm Door closer that allows over 90 degrees of opening

Is there a type of Storm Door closer that allows the door to open over 90 degrees? In a lot of commercial spaces you’ll see those door closers with hinged folding 2 piece arms which allow an almost ...
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Storm door closer with timer [closed]

Is there a storm door closer product with a timer function? i.e once opened it should stay there for set amount of time before closing. This is really helpful so that door doesn't slam on your back ...
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Gate closer for large wooden gate?

I recently had a wooden privacy fence put in between my yard and the neighborhood park. It uses eight foot slats (with six foot, a lot of pedestrians in the park could still see right into my kitchen ...
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How to adjust Ives Rota Closer

The door to our garage has an Ives Rota Closer. In the past the door has always swung shut on its own, however today our daughter was pulling the door open (a bit too far I think) and now it suddenly ...
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Is this door closer okay, maladjusted, or broken?

The entrance door just below my room used to slam hard when being closed by the door closer, branded TELESCO. Some days ago, upon my request, there have been attempts to fix the device. Indeed, at ...
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How do I reduce noise from the bolt hitting the strike plate on a door with an automatic closer?

In our office, the door at the entrance has a k2 door closer. Our problem is that when the door closes, it makes a very loud clicking noise. I believe this is the result of the latch bolt hitting the ...
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How to make door not latch

In my house, I have a door that leads to my bedroom. This may seem trivial, but I would like to open the door just by pulling the handle towards me, instead of having to pull down. That is just an ...
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Replacement part for glass balcony door

I need to replace this part, but I do not know what it is called (see picture). It serves to limit the range of motion of an aluminum frame glass door. It is exposed when the door is open. When closed,...
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