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Why is my sewer drain line suddenly having frequent blockages?

One month ago I experienced bubbling in my downstairs toilet when someone was taking a shower upstairs. The toilet bubbling concerned me and I noticed a little water on the floor the next day, nothing ...
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Help with unclogging the kitchen sink using a plunger

I tried to unclog my kitchen sink using a plunger, but it's not work, probably because the dishwasher is draining to the same pipe; see the Y-connector in the photo below. I want to cap off the ...
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Gas oven not getting enough gas

My gas oven ignites but not enough gas is flowing through. I was able to clean all stovetop burners with a pin to unclog the gas inlets. I'm hoping that's what's wrong with the oven, but I do not ...
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Why doesn't the disk filter in my Fisher & Paykel dishwasher ever dry?

When I remove the plastic dishware grate from the drawer and remove the disk filter with the arrow, water pools here and never dries. Any advice on how to fix this? It looks like there are special ...
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clogged kitchen sink, is it the garbage disposal?

Some how a bag of carrots got put down the garbage disposal and now the sink wont drain... Garbage disposal appears to work, like the motor sounds healthy and the blades appear to spin fine... I took ...
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Sink Drain Building Pressure

I live on the bottom floor of a 2 unit condo (neighbors above) and the bathroom sink seems to build up pressure in its drain and begin leaking at the tailpiece connection above the p-trap (which is a ...
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Getting lint out of a 2 inch drain

I have a 2 inch drain that serves both a sink and combination washer/dryer. It has a near horizontal section and a couple of 90 degree elbows, and I fear that that section is filling with a toxic ...
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Kitchen sink clogged

Sink is clogged. Took out air admittance valve and it works fine. Added new one and it clogged again. Outside there's not clog. I don't know what else to do
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Pipe cleaning machine without guide hose - how to prevent tile and furniture damage?

Looking for a pipe cleaning machine, I see only the very expensive ones with a guide hose ("Spiralschutzschlauch") that will protect the bathroom from fast-rotating spiral ends (2.5 - 5 m!). ...
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How can liquid enzymatic drain decloggers reach the clog in a toilet drain?

I added liquid enzymatic drain "declogger" (brand: Earthworm) to a clogged toilet drain that I already tried plunging. How are the enzymes supposed to reach the clog, unless the clog is in the first ...
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How to determine the location of the clogged spot in floor drain using a powered drain auger, and auger tip suggestion?

I have a basement floor drain that clogs and backs up a bit (but do slowly drain all the water). I used a powered auger attempting to clear it but without total success (it drains better but not as ...
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Temporary Stoppage in Condo Common Sewage Pipe

I live in a multi-unit condo on the first floor. There is one common sewage pipe that connects all of our toilets. One night, my toilet (only one) won't flush. A little bit of water began to seep ...
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Clearing Clog in Galvanized Plumbing

I just finished installing a tankless water heater (yay!). Unfortunately, we weren't ready to do a full replumb of the house, so we patched into the pipes connecting the old water heater. For some ...
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How do I remove a broken toilet auger from my toilet?

My toilet is suffering frequent clogs that could be cleared with a plunger, but recurs the next time we send anything down. So I went and got the fanciest toilet auger at Lowe's, Cobra brand heavy ...
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Garbage disposal stalled, water backed up

I have a 1 year old 2hp insinkerator garbage disposal. No problems until today. I put a couple of old pickled vegetables (not very much) in and turned it on and the motor just stalled. I could hear ...
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