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Should I superchlorinate a freshly filled pool?

I have a small (2000 gallon) pool that I recently filled. I put a couple of 1" chlorine tablets into the skimmer 24 hours ago, and even after running the pump all day, my test strips are not ...
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Pool chemical balance - 0 FC and High CH, CYA

I have a 15,500 gallon inground plaster pool. I recently purchased the taylor 2006 kit. Doing the tests, this is what i got. FC 0 (the reason for the 0 chlorine is, we recently purchased the house ...
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How do I fix a chlorine feeder that's nearly impossible to open?

I've got an off-line Hayward chlorine tablet feeder on my pool (it has a 1/4" hose that taps off some water from the pressure side of the pump before the filter, and it outputs via 1/4" line to the ...
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Why does sulphur smell linger so long after treating it?

My chlorine injector stopped working a couple weeks ago and I had it fixed. After three days of normal use by a family of 5, I tested the water coming out of the 120Gal treatment tank and it smelled ...
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How to fix toilet jets clogged with chlorine tablet chunks

The flush on my toilet is weak. It went from strong to weak overnight. It flushes fine if I dump in extra water. I watched and the flapper does stay open until the reservoir is adequately empty. I ...
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How to clarify and remove green tint to an in ground pool

I recently opened my in ground pool two weeks ago. The volume of the pool is approximately 20,000 gallons. The pool water has a greenish tint and the water appears cloudy. I have used a automatic ...
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What's the impact of Chlorine on prefabricated concrete ring well

I have a percolation pit made up of 5 cement rings. I use this percolation pit to hold filtered water from septic tank. I would like to drop chlorine tablet ( 1.67gm Water Purification Tablets, Each ...
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Is this a safe way to clean black mold in the attic? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to remove/clean black mold? My dad says there's mold in the attic (that looks black), and he plans to spray it with a mixture of water and chlorine. Is this a safe way to ...
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Filtering the byproducts of iron removal after chlorine injection [closed]

I am using a chlorine injector to remove iron. I don't yet know how much iron I have, but assuming it is all dealt with via injection, there will be byproducts (rust?) from that reaction. Someone ...
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Need advice for well water chlorine

I have a filtering system for my well since the water is high on sulfur (smell a lot). The system has chlorine that ‘’should’’ inject in the system. The thing is that the nozzle gets clogged after few ...
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How can I identify new & improved PEX plumbing materials with less fracturing & chlorine/chlorimene degredation issues?

Just bought 14 year old 3,200 sq ft,(3-Bed,3-Bath) house & may have to work on the PEX plumbing issues. I have read a lot about class action law suits, relating to (PEX-A Pipe fracturing, ...
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How to use pool tablets to shock well

I decided to shock my well to make sure there wasn't any bacteria in the well. Originally I was going to use liquid bleach but I spoke with a well person and they told me to crush up a pool chlorine ...
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Is this pool shock schedule right?

It's my understanding that you're generally supposed to shock your pool with calcium chlorite (that granules) once a week and maybe more in the summer. It's also my understanding that when doing this ...
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Is there a formula that relates chlorine concentration, contact time, and iron?

If I want to remove iron from my well water with a chlorine injector (injects based on flow) and a contact tank I know that iron removal will be based on contact time and amount of chlorine. I am ...
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Helicoil, epoxy or some other method to repair threads for swimming pool pump?

Jandy swimming pool pump's plastic backplate comes with what appears to be two metal threads to attach diffuser. In my case threads rusted and diffuser came loose. Instead of buying a new backplate I ...
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