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Is there a built in adjustment to limit how far these crank windows open?

I need to prevent these windows from opening too wide. I have a plan to drill into the bracket and insert a bolt to limit the range of motion, but before I start modifying I want to rule out a built ...
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How can I block off my stairs while I repair the walls?

I have an epileptic son that I have to keep off of our stairs. We have some great childproof stair gates installed currently. I have redone all of the drywall in the house except the stairwell ...
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How do I install child-proof drawer latches on bottom drawers?

Installing child safety latches for cabinet doors is relatively easy (here's a video) Similarly for the top drawer (pull-out) (video) But is it possible to do this for the bottom drawers? The ...
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Trying to divide an open loft space with child safety in mind

I have a open loft apartment. The ceilings are 25 feet high. I am trying to divide space for my five year old daughter so that it gives her some privacy. One suggestion would be to use bookshelves. ...
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