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Hanging Chair from Ceiling in Apartment?

I bought a macrame hammock swing chair and a steel plate ceiling mount that came with 4 big expansion screws (pic #1 is chair i bought, pic#2 is mount with included expansion screws. Mount is size ...
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How do I get this weird screw back into this cone? [closed]

I just bought a new armchair, and after screwing its legs in, I hit one of its feet ever so slightly against the floor and poof! Its foot flew right off. It doesn't look broken, just displaced. I just ...
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Fixing a wobbly dining room chair

I have a few wobbly dining room chairs that I would like to repair. From my research online it states that the best solution is to disassemble the chair, scrape off the old glue, re-glue the joints ...
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Can I modify seat cushion foam (subtraction) myself? [closed]

After about two years of use, I'm convinced that on the current models of Herman Miller's Eames Lounge Chairs, the seat cushion is overstuffed to the extent that the ergonomics of the chair is ...
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How do I fix this chair?

This is my dining table chair. It’s back support rod broke. I tried fixing it with wooden glue but it keeps breaking. Any advise how can I fix it without nails as that can hurt someone’s back. Or is ...
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How to "tighten" wobbly IKEA Terje foldable chairs?

Over the years, I've bought many IKEA Terje foldable chairs. It's a popular model. However, they quickly get "wobbly". I think the problem is with the joints (although I'm not sure). Any ...
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How can I connect metal components so that they can swivel? [closed]

I am making a standing wheelchair. This involves metal pipe components needing to be able to rotate. Can I use a regular bolt and nut to achieve this? or would there be too much wearing because there ...
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How can I repair the gas lift on my chair

The chair is a decade old but still very good, except the gas lift is no longer operational. The supplier is no longer around. Is there some way I can fix this?
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