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Name of sacrificial plastic chain link/carabiner/loop "insert" which reduces friction

I've seen these small round plastic inserts on swing/hammock hanging kits. Anyone know what they are called so that I can search where to buy them? Or perhaps what material they are typically made ...
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How do I take the slack out of a door closer chain?

There is a cylinder with a spring inside. Presumably when the spring is compressed it will pull the external chain attached to it to be taught, I.e. not slack. But I can't keep the spring compressed ...
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1 answer

Chain on chainsaw will not stay put

I bought 10 inch chainsaw to help cutting small branches. It worked great until the chair came off. I put back the chain on and adjusted to full tension but even in dry run test, the chain comes off. ...
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How to hang exhaust fan with limited amount of space?

Ive added a small bathroom in my basement with a drop ceiling. I have limited amount of space to work with. Is it ok to use chain to hang my exhaust fan?
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Ok for garage door chain to sag on one side when door is closed?

I noticed today that the chain on my garage door seems to droop a bit on one side when the door is closed. I feel like I would have noticed if it was always like this (new unit, about 1.5 years old). ...
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How can I reattach a chandelier light fixture to the chain?

My first night in my new rental house and I bashed my head against the low hanging chandelier in the dining room. Somehow my rock head hit it with enough force to snap the loop that attaches the ...
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3 answers

Should a chainsaw go dull so quickly?

I recently moved to a new home which had a lot of felled trees which needed to be bucked up into logs. I bought a 14" Husqvarna 967158004 to accomplish this. The shop I bought it from gave me a ...
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7 answers

Garage Door stops and returns to original position

Lately my garage door has been stopping when it gets about 2ft from the closed position and then returns to the original position. Nothing is blocking the sensors and the tracks don't seem to have ...
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Mechanised TV stand

I would like to create a Media Unit which has a TV that slides up and down within. I don't necessarily want it to be motorised as they seem quite expensive. I want to build it out of laminated wood ...
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How to change a bath plug chain?

I have been looking around for a tutorial to chane a simple bath plug chain. My chain has snapped, so the plug is not connected. I assumed it would be a simple job, but i can't find anything online ...
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How do you calculate the safe working load of chains?

Say for instance you have a chain that has a safe working load of 200 lbs. If I wanted to hang an item from 4 corners, each with its own chain would I be able to hang 800 lbs? Or is there some other ...
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How should I configure the chains for a large porch swing?

I'm making a twin-sized porch swing. Should I use 4 chains such that two of them connect together - thus resulting in only two from the ceiling, or use 4 chains and all 4 connect to the ceiling ...
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2 answers

How should I affix a flat horizontal object to a vertical chain?

I have a wooden plank (like a flat swing seat) and a hanging chain (or two, like a swing). Instead of screwing an eye into the plank I want the chain to continue downwards through a hole in the plank, ...
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