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For questions about ceiling fans -- i.e. fans that are mounted to a ceiling, visible within the room, and circulate air within that room. Vent/exhaust fans should use [exhaust-fan] and friends instead.

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2 answers

Ceiling fan switch replacements

I have 2 ceiling fans that were in my house when I moved in. Both fans have recently had the pull strings torn out of the switch. I took the fans apart, and wrote down the information on the switch, ...
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What should I do about this fixture brace?

I'm preparing to hang a ceiling fan fixture in a bedroom. I need to remove an old ceiling light's electrical box and brace first, however I don't see how I can remove them. The brace has limbs which ...
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What is the size of light bulb for my ceiling fan, socket number E307185?

My ceiling fan has an unusual size fixture. It's larger than candelabra, but smaller than a standard medium. I suspect it might be intermediate, but I'm not quite willing to buy a converter with a ...
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Hampton Bay fan missing remote, replace with pull chain?

Moved into a new place and my master bedroom has a fairly nice Hampton Bay fan. However, the previous tenants "lost" the remote for it. The walls are plaster so the landlord opted against running a ...
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Outside Ceiling Fan Problems: Light But No Fan

Over the course of the winter, the ceiling fan on my screened-in deck stopped working. The attached light still functions properly, so it is definitely getting electricity, but the fan will not ...
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3 answers

How do I reconnect a ceiling fan light chain?

A recent pull of a ceiling fan light chain caused the chain and its connector to came completely out. Is there an easy way to reconnect the chain? Does the electricity need to be turned off ...
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3 votes
5 answers

How do I fix a ceiling fan that won't turn off?

I have a ceiling light/fan fixture in one of my rooms connected to a single electrical switch. There are two pullchains on the fixture, one that controls the light, the other controlling the fan. I'd ...
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How do I change the remote frequency options in my ceiling fan?

My Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control is interfering with my neighbours. Inside the remote there are switches to adjust the remote frequency. Where in the fan do I make the corresponding ...
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2 answers

How do I fix a squeaky/whiny ceiling fan?

I have a four year old Monte Carlo ceiling fan, similar to this now-discontinued model 5OBR52BSD-L in style. It has a light that points up towards the ceiling and another towards the floor. The fan ...
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How do I balance a ceiling fan?

About a year ago I installed a new ceiling fan in my living room and when it was installed it was balanced nicely, but it has a little wobble. How do I bring it back in to balance?
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