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Caulking is the action of applying a sealing compound to joints and gaps in building materials.

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What is the best way to seal caulk tube?

What are some effective ways of sealing an opened tube of caulk so that the contents do not dry out? In the past I've used a large nail and some tape, but that doesn't seem to last for more than a few ...
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With a shower, should the edge where the wall meets the floor be caulked, or is grout okay?

Some of the shower tiles have come loose in my shower and need repair (specifically the ones at the base of the wall). There's no 'tub' per-se, the whole thing is tiled, and it looks like whoever ...
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Should I use caulk or grout between the edge of a tiled bathroom floor and the walls?

I just tiled my bathroom floor. What should I put between the tiles and the walls, silicone or grout?
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Silicone caulk for shower and tub?

I am about to seal the gap between my tub and the wall tile with caulk (it was originally grout which cracked so I chiseled out what I could). I was planning to use silicone caulk (GE II), but a ...
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Are toilets supposed to be caulked to the floor?

I've heard that in some cases toilets are supposed to be caulked to the floor. I replaced both toilets in the condo I moved into last week, and one was calked to the floor, and one was not. One ...
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Correct order of operations for caulking + sealing bathroom tile?

Around my bathtub I have tile, and the old latex caulk where the tub and tile meet is cracked so I've removed all the caulk and am ready to put new silicone caulk down. However, I would also like to ...
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Can I caulk over cracked grout (shower floor) as a temporary fix?

We have an older shower, with 1x1 tiles on the floor. Some of these, the grout has started to crack, and we want to prevent water damage. However, we've exhausted our renovation budget for the year, ...
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What caulk to use for basement leaks at cove joint where floor meets the wall? Polyurethane, silicone, or latex-based Drylok?

I noticed a small moist patch of the floor near a radon mitigation system. However, I suspect that it has little to do with the radon system but was due to failed caulking at the cove joint, as there ...
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Is there a trick to applying caulk using a caulk-gun?

Perhaps it is just me, but no matter how careful I try to be, any attempt to apply caulk or cement or anything with a caulking gun into a crack results in total mess. The main problems that seem to ...
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How do I finish off a silicone sealant like a professional?

I have patched a couple of places at the base of my shower with silicone rubber sealant, using a caulking gun and it has worked well. The water no longer escapes from the shower. However, where I have ...
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Can I accelerate caulk drying by using a fan or heater on it?

From what I've found online, caulking takes 24-48 hours to dry. For my purposes, I need to apply caulking to my kitchen sink. However, I am in a time crunch, so I would like to know how caulking ...
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How to fix small holes/separation in caulk around bathtub?

I'm sure this is a relatively simple task but I've never done it before and want to make sure I get it right. There are some holes/separation appearing in the caulk between the bathtub and the wall ...
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How can I seal the large gap around my fireplace in a way that is safe and prevents air inflows?

I've got a spot by a fireplace that lets cold air in. Unfortunately its right where the metal of the fireplace meets the wooden framing/molding of the fireplace on the inside. This seems like ...
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What substances should you avoid contact with your bare hands?

I started thinking about this yesterday because I currently have a weird feeling second skin from the polyurethane adhesive I used to attach my kitchen backsplash on Sunday. I foolishly assumed since ...
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How do I seal a gap between a concrete step and the entrance of the house?

It currently looks like this. The previous owner did a lame job and now I have to rebuild this. What do I use to seal that gap? He did not put any rubber backer rod there or anything like this. the ...
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Should Caulk be used around vinyl windows

I purchased a new home last year and all the windows installed are vinyl. My previous home built in 1999 had wooden windows. My question is are all the exterior windows needing to be caulked? I know ...
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How can I fill a gap between the exterior wall and trim?

I have a stucco-sided house that I am repairing/repainting. In the course of repairs, some of the caulk/weatherstripping between the trim and the house came off. The gap between the wall and the trim ...
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How long does caulk need to dry in a 1" gap?

There's a large gap under the part of the shower stall that touches the wall because of the way the bathroom floor is slanted. When we first moved in the caulk that was put there by the workers washed ...
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Best method for sealing underneath basement window sill?

There is a large gap underneath the bottom sill of the window, that is currently caulked when the house was built. I would like to strengthen the waterproofing here. I'm thinking backer rod with ...
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What should I use to seal the hole where my central air enters the house?

Wood foundation house with vinyl siding. The hole that was made to allow the lines for my central air conditioner to enter the house is basically wide open - the silicone/caulking that was around the ...
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