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Why would silicone caulk not cure?

I re-caulked my shower on Saturday afternoon, using GE Silicone II Kitchen & Bath Caulk. I left it alone until Monday morning, when I showered in it. I assumed it had plenty of time to cure so did ...
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Silicone caulk for shower and tub?

I am about to seal the gap between my tub and the wall tile with caulk (it was originally grout which cracked so I chiseled out what I could). I was planning to use silicone caulk (GE II), but a ...
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Caulking a corner instead of taping with joint compound?

Is it considered acceptable in drywall / sheetrock work to use caulk to finish an interior corner instead of using tape with joint compound? This is not my own DIY idea – this was suggested to me by ...
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How to repair scratches and dents on hardwood floor

What is normally recommended for fixing scratches1, dents, or chips2 on hardwood floors? Is there a special type of glue, caulk or epoxy out there?
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Are these cracks small enough to paint as gap fill or do I need to caulk?

House is ~25 years old and several owners in. Do I need to do any sort of filling of these cracks with a paintable caulk or is thin enough I should just paint over it again? /Cheers
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How to fix small holes/separation in caulk around bathtub?

I'm sure this is a relatively simple task but I've never done it before and want to make sure I get it right. There are some holes/separation appearing in the caulk between the bathtub and the wall ...
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Caulk or Grout the base of a toilet?

I recently re-tiled my bathroom floor and removed the toilet to do so. I noticed that the builders had used grout around the base of the toilet when I was removing it and demoing the tile. Should I ...
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Can I apply caulk over caulk?

I just had my shower re-tiled and the contractor used a cream colored sanded caulk instead of standard white silicone (without asking me). I want it to be white but he refuses to come back. Can I ...
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Is it possible to remove and replace base molding, and not have to repaint the wall?

I am dealing with recent flooding in my apartment. As you can imagine, I am doing repairs myself. The work is financed by my insurance company, which has been pretty good about it. There is just one ...
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Is it normal for acrylic caulk to dissolve?

I didn't want to purchase a new shower door kit as we plan on remodeling the bathroom in the next five or so years, so I had to deal with the horrible old existing sliding doors and track. The bottom ...
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How long does caulk need to dry in a 1" gap?

There's a large gap under the part of the shower stall that touches the wall because of the way the bathroom floor is slanted. When we first moved in the caulk that was put there by the workers washed ...
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