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How to connect pvc to cast iron pipe that broke off right beneath concrete slab?

I was planning on adding a donut to the cast iron hub, but when I was removing the lead seal, the hub broke off entirely. Now I have a broken off 2 inch cast iron pipe right beneath the slab. How do I ...
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Do I need to remove a lead riser from my toilet flange area to install a PVC flange?

I am replacing my toilet and after researching I found the flange is covered by a lead riser that is bent, folded, over the flange to hold it down. I unbent it so I could remove the flange before I ...
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How to re-install cast iron tub

I had a cast iron claw foot tub moved out of a bathroom to remove the carpet floor. The new subfloor and flooring has now been installed. I've moved the tub back into bathroom but in the process of ...
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Moving and Installing a Cast Iron Bathtub

I am renovating my bathroom. My wife really wants a cast iron bathtub due to its durability. The one she wants weighs approximately 350 lbs. Does anyone have any practical installation tips for ...
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