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Sizing bypass closet doors for non-standard rough openings

I am having drywall done and ordering doors. The only one that is throwing me off is the closet. Closet A has a rough opening of 61.75". The closet is preferred to be bypass doors mission style. ...
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I'm wanting to do a ballast bypass on an old single bulb T12 light fixture, but the wiring is different from what I've encountered in how-to videos

I'm wanting to do a ballast bypass in this ancient fluorescent fixture with a magnetic ballast in my laundry closet. It has a single bulb and is easy to access, so I thought it would be a good one to ...
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Dryer timer switch motor

Can I put a toggle switch in place of a dryer timer motor to turn the dryer on ? I have tested for voltage coming into the dryer, it has voltage. I did all the standard tests on all the dryer ...
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Bypassing an inverter using manually operated switch

I am in the design process phase of a home project where I will be adding a hybrid solar inverter and battery storage into my home setup. We will not be connecting a solar PV array. The goal is to ...
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dual-end powered ballast bypass with fixture that has a built in switch

I am attempting to do a ballast bypass for LED tube lights. The LED bulbs are dual-end powered with just one bulb per fixture. The pictures showed the wires I have at the ballast. The black wire on ...
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Do small parallel bypass switches for electrical panel exist?

I would like to install ethernet commanded relays between the breakers and the "house" (relays ref However, I would also like to bypass the ...
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Can I route a copper pipe bypass like this (and drill a stud)?

I finally found the water leak in my condo. I cut and cap a 1/2in pipe and the hissing sound of water went away. Now I have to figure out how to install a bypass because I lost the cold water in both ...
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How can I bypass the motion sensor on a Handy-Brite solar flood light?

I need to rewire a solar flood light so that when the switch is in the "on" position, the flood light remains on continuously being shut off at the switch. In the "off" position, ...
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gcfi tiled over during bath remodel

I think my contractor may have covered up the GFCI behind the tile in a bathroom remodel several years ago. It has been fine all this time, but recently my wife was dying her hair and popped the ...
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Water feed pipe diameter: is 1/2" OK?

The 3/4" water feed in a slab has a leak. A proposed bypass includes a 1/2 inch PEX, run through the ceiling. Why should a 1/2 inch PEX be used to bypass and not a 3/4 inch? Assume that the ...
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