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17 votes
3 answers

Aiming to get electricity for my cabin via underground burial. Few questions

To introduce my situation, I'd like to preface by saying I built a 12x20 cabin on some family owned land for me. When trying to get electricity out here, the electric company said either A. They would ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Running fiber between buildings. How to enter enter/exit building with proper bend radius?

I'm looking at running some OM3 fiber (outdoor, armored), 6 strand between two residential buildings (think from a house to a garage for example). It's about 150ft total. I do not want to run copper (...
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Can compression fittings for PE buried gas line be safely used without stiffeners?

I have a 1" buried PE gas line that I'd like to tap into for a gas firepit. The gas line supplies a few other things in the yard, notably a 400kbtu pool heater. From research, it seems ...
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Protecting PEX/UF-B/Ethernet from gophers with hardware cloth?

I have a well house and some outbuildings that will need some water. I am running 1" PEX underground in 30" deep trenches to these buildings, as well as 10/3 UF-B and some ethernet cable for ...
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2 answers

Can flexible conduit be used inside PVC conduit?

Can 3/4" Liquid Tight Non Metallic Flexible Conduit be run inside a PVC Sch 40 and buried 18" below ground for extra water tight for electrical wires (3 of 6awg and 1 of 10g bare copper)? ...
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Should an open circuit underground UF cable show resistance?

There’s an underground 10-2 UF cable running to an old pump on my property. I was thinking about reusing the cable to run power to a light. Both ends of the cable are disconnected and I put a toner on ...
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