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Is this long thread male without stopper to female connection tight & leak free?

I want to connect this tap (see picture) to its valve and I have to use a 90-degree elbow (see right side of the picture) to be able to supply water from the top as well as to fix the tap on the wall. ...
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Concern with overtightening brass shower valve fitting

I installed a shower valve with 4 brass 1/2" male fittings. Before installing I wrapped each thread with teflon 4 or 5 times. I installed it into 3x brass fittings that lead to PEX, and the 4th ...
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How do I fix this rusted-through copper pipe?

I found a leak under my kitchen sink coming from a hole in the brass or copper pipe leading into the wall. Threw a no-hub coupler over the hole temporarily which made the hole bigger. Poked around and ...
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Dielectric question

I'm replumbing a home, and I have a quick question of when/where to use a dielectric fitting. The water main is coming through a bedroom, outside the interior wall. Starts galvanized from floor and ...
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Leaking hot water tank connections

I modified the outlets on a solar hot water tank, and now it leaks. The leak occurs between the brass fitting on the bottom (Edwards hot water) and the short pipe below. I don’t know what sort of ...
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Connecting several threaded plumbing components together

I have a string of brass components I need to connect together. They all have corresponding Male/Female threads, so they all will go together, but is this a good idea? It occurs to me that it will be ...
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What adapters do I need to securely connect a garden hose to this frame in conjunction with the water pump's 1/2" MNPT output?

What I need: A secure way to connect a garden hose to a water pump using lead free adapters and/or connections. The pump output is 1/2" MNPT and is positioned approximately 3"-4" from ...
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Stainless steel NPT + Brass NPT = not a perfect fit?

I just completed laying irrigation piping (black poly) and by and large it seems solid. I do however have issues with the take-offs from my house's hose bibs, where I have metal risers going into the ...
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Kitchen sink plumbing brass erosion/oxidation?

I've noticed this on my kitchen sink plumbing brass: It looks like as if something has dried up on it, however, I have no clue what this is. I tried scratching it off, and it looks like the metal ...
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Can I use brass fittings to connect plastic fittings and Pex tubing?

The black piece labeled "NPT" is the water connections to a Clack water softener system. I need to attach it to PEX-A tubing and found this brass part that fits. Is it safe to attach these ...
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How can I identify new & improved PEX plumbing materials with less fracturing & chlorine/chlorimene degredation issues?

Just bought 14 year old 3,200 sq ft,(3-Bed,3-Bath) house & may have to work on the PEX plumbing issues. I have read a lot about class action law suits, relating to (PEX-A Pipe fracturing, ...
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What is this splitter called? Answer anti sweat mix valve

I originally posted asking what you see in the pictures due to me being 5 hours away from the person who needs some service. The responses were that it was an anti sweat mixing valve with an elbow ...
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How to braze brass to brass

I'm trying to connect 2 small pieces of brass pipe together (13/32 OD) using MAP gas and I thought I could just use the bronze rods they sell at home Depot but all that did was sit on there and never ...
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Why are my fittings leaking?

I am installing a new Hansgrohe shower. It came with this part that I decided to connect to this
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How do I Loosen a Stuck Threaded Brass Fitting?

I’m about to replace some of the brass water pipes to PEX in my basement. I bought an adapter fitting at a plumbing supply store(picture 1) and cut the cold water pipe(picture 2). I tried to remove ...
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