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1 answer

How to "float" a large desk (3000mm x 720mm x 40mm) between walls

I am setting up a home office at the moment in a 3m wide room and like the idea of having a desk "float" from one side of the room to the other. I am basing on this guide. For my desk I'm going to ...
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4 answers

Can I support a granite countertop overhang with embedded steel bars?

I have read that you can support a granite overhang (such as a bar) using 1/4" steel bars below or embedded in the rough top. The purpose of this is to support the 16" overhang without using corbels ...
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Knee Brace support Hanger for Treehouse

I am going to be building a Treehouse soon, and am researching the best and most cost effective means to do so. I am good on the platform and beams (using Treehouse Attachment Bolts), and am going to ...
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How can I hit studs and avoid cables when installing a TV mount?

I bought a suitable TV wall mount bracket (45"-55") for my 48" television, however, I have reservations about committing to the work. My concerns are Should I look for a wall stud, and ...
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How do I fit a joist in this small space?

This is a follow on question from here: Floor joists connection to eaves Since this question, I have been told I need 8" joists for my span and I have exposed my eaves area to see what space I've ...
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4 votes
5 answers

Is there any harm in using shorter shelf brackets with a deeper shelf?

I'm planning on installing Ikea shelves mounted on wall brackets (using the Antonius system). Until recently there were Antonius shelves 14 3/8 inches deep, but now they've disappeared, leaving only ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Correct orientation for t-shaped shelf bracket to minimize stress on anchor bolts

I have a t-shaped shelf bracket that looks like this: | <- screw hole here | <shelf> |----------- <wall>| | | | <- screw hole here This is a ...
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3 votes
1 answer

A-Frame Bracket for 4x8 swing beam

I would like to build the A-frame swing structure. One end of the beam attaches to the playhouse. The other end is the A-frame and I plan to use 4x8x12 treated lumber as the beam since I already ...
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Shelves into single metal stud. Is it possible?

I have seen many similar questions, but most are around mounting a TV. I'd like to mount some shelves to hold kitchen appliances (air fryer, coffee machine, toaster, etc). 4 shelves in total, 3 with ...
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Identification of shelf brackets

I have a steel sheet metal cabinet that uses the pictured brackets to hold up shelves. It has a runner in each corner on the inside, with slots which the brackets fit into with a little tooth on the ...
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