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3 answers

What bit is needed for this screw in an outlet

What kind of bit is needed for this screw? A Phillips bit does not make it and a straight blade either. (I feel that whoever came up with this idea should be covered in honey and placed in an ant ...
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What wire-brushs can be used at 28000 rpm [closed]

I have a hand me down Weller Mini-Shop power tool and I finally used up the wire brush that came with it (I was removing glue from an aluminum frame). Looking online I see a lot of wire brushes that ...
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2 answers

Choosing the cutting length of a router bit

I'm trying to decide how long the cutting edge on a pattern router bit should be. I'm trimming a 2-by (1-1/2" actual) with a pattern / template on top, and I'm having a hard time finding a 1-1/2&...
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Need help identifying "pre-stripped" Phillips screw

I am trying to remove some screws with some very annoying heads. The screws look like a regular Phillips head but have the center rounded out. This makes a normal Phillps head screwdriver slip as if ...
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What type of tool or bit is a metal shaft with splines?

I inherited a load of tools from my father. Among them was this bit. I have never seen one like it, and don't know its purpose. It has six straight splines set at an angle to the long axis of the bit ...
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Why does a Keyless chuck sometimes stick?

I noticed that Keyless chucks in cheap drills tend to become stuck often, but I've always wonder why does this happen. Is it due to overtightening the chuck? Are low quality drill bits a factor to ...
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What kind of bathroom tile is this, and what kind of drill bit does it require?

I believe ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common, but this looks like it might be some kind of polished stone. Will a carbide bit work on this tile, or does it require a diamond-tipped bit?
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