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How do I disassemble this old bed frame?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to disassemble this bed frame?
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How to DIY Bed that can support 600+ pounds?

I’m trying to go ahead and design a bed before I buy everything I need to build it, however when it comes to the weight capacity of the bed, I am unsure how to maximize it. It’s going to be a loft bed ...
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I'm trying to place a bed frame above a UK stair box (do not want the weight on top of the box)

So I have this insanely large stair box in my room (very small room) and I want to place a bedframe above it so that it saves space within the room. I have no idea how to draw and upload a succinct ...
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How can the slightly-warped rails of a bed frame be pulled together?

A twin-sized bed frame that I assemble on-demand for guests is made of pine. It hasn't seen that much use, and yet one of the two 75" beams has buckled just slightly. There is still plenty of ...
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Wooden and metal bed frame disassembly [closed]

I do not see how to take the metal slats out of the wooden part. There are no screws and I cannot lift nor pull them out. Please help.
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How can I cut 1/8 inch hardboard without power tools?

I have a metal bed frame. Its metal slats are 6" apart. I am buying a new foam mattress, but I don't want to buy new frame. I think that the 6" spacing between slats is too wide for the foam ...
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