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Bathroom fixtures include things like safety handrails, faucets, shower heads, towel bars, toilet paper holders, shower caddies, soap holders and so on. Use this tag for questions about installing, repairing and possibly troubleshooting them.

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7 answers

How do I mount this towel rack that was ripped off the wall?

One of my tenants sent me a pictures of my broken towel rack. What would be the most cost effective fix?
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How to remove the handles from this faucet

My bathroom faucet is leaking around the base of my right handle. With previous faucets I've been able to use a set screw to loosen the handle and replace the washer. With these, though, I can't ...
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18 votes
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Why are all towel bars 24 inch? With studs being 16 inches apart - how do people mount them?

I want to install a towel bar in my bathrooms - and I went to Home Depot to get one - but all of their towel bars were 24 inch... This to me is weird. Do all people just mount their towel bars to a ...
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Bathroom Light Fixture with no stud or box

I uninstalled my old bathroom light fixture to replace it with a nicer light but found that there is no stud and no wall box behind the sheet rock. The old light fixture is very light but the new one ...
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2 sinks on one drain line

I have my bathroom sink rough plumbing coming from the 3" stack vent, running about 2 feet. My question is: can I use that same drain line for another sink? Reasoning: about 2 feet from that sink ...
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Bathroom sink dripping into cabinet: How to fix it?

There is a slow leak in the cabinet under my bathroom sink. It seems to be coming way up at the top of the cabinet, from a black plastic connector. (See photo.) I tightened the black plastic ...
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How to tighten fitting on pipe in very small space

While replacing the washer in a bathroom tap/faucet, I've accidentally loosened the fitting (e.g. the tap now turns when I turn the tap "handle"). Here is a photo of the underside of the sink, with ...
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How can I prevent reverse air flow from bathroom fan?

I have a second floor bathroom that has a ventilation fan which exits to the roof. Whenever I take a shower there is an incredible amount of freezing air (midwest winter) that is coming in through the ...
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Grounding wires

For a light fixture, if I ground the wire to the light fixture and the wire in the box is also grounded, do I need to connect the two grounded wires? The cooper wire within the box is extremely short,...
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Any thoughts on how to remove this faucet / handle

Hoping to find some help here as I am at a loss. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to remove this fixture. There are no brand marks and I don't know who installed it. The handles don't have any ...
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How to get at the washer inside this bathroom sink faucet

I want to replace the washer in the cold water faucet (see photo) because there is a slow leak under my bathroom sink (related problem ). This is as far was I was able to go in taking apart the faucet....
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