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Questions regarding installation, removal, painting of baseboard (otherwise known as skirting board, skirting, mopboard, floor molding, or base molding).

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How do you comply with NEC receptacle requirements in row homes with brick walls?

I'm rewiring a Philadelphia row home, which like many others, has brick and cinder block for the side walls. There is no framing, just lath and plaster. I know some flippers will put in 2x3 studs to ...
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How do I bleed baseboard radiators without a bleeder valve?

I recently bought a newly remodeled 1950's era house about two months ago. It has a Weil Mclain fuel oil boiler that provides heat to four different zones (loops) in the house. Each zone has a couple ...
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Should Door Trim/Jamb be flush cut with bottom of base for carpet install?

I'm finishing a room that will have new carpet installed. I plan to install the baseboard height about 1/2" off the slab so carpet can flow underneath. The room is all painted (trim/walls), but no ...
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How do I remove and reinstall baseboards (Skirting Board) without damaging them?

I need to temporarily remove the baseboards in a couple rooms. I am interested in some suggestions for removing the baseboards without damaging them so they can later be reinstalled. Suggestions may ...
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What is the proper way to install/paint baseboard?

I've installed some new baseboards, though I'm not really sure I have the right method down. Here's what I do: Paint baseboard Paint walls Cut and install baseboard (using brad nailer and/or liquid ...
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What is a good method to seal a baseboard to stop an existing draft?

Probably, due to faulty insulation/damp barrier, there is a cold draft coming through one of the upstairs baseboard. What is a good method to seal it? (It is a rented house, so, no I do not want to ...
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What height to set baseboards before carpet is installed?

I am wondering how high I should space my baseboard off the floor before carpet. I know the tack strip will go next to the base and then carpet goes over it and tucks under the base.
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Is this a bleeder? Why won't it close?

In trying to repair a pipe I went to empty my baseboard heating system, and so I tried to open what I thought was a bleeder. It didn't seem to make any difference, and now after unbolting it it will ...
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Is it possible to remove and replace base molding, and not have to repaint the wall?

I am dealing with recent flooding in my apartment. As you can imagine, I am doing repairs myself. The work is financed by my insurance company, which has been pretty good about it. There is just one ...
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How to safely slow/stop/block hot water baseboard heating?

Background: I rent a room in a house that has hot water baseboard heating. I like it cool when I sleep. I also have a cat so I have to keep my door shut and can only open the windows a small amount. ...
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Mismatched baseboards tie in

My daughter and son-in-law did a kitchen renovation, but there is some finish work still to do. The pic says it all: As you can see the kitchen base board is thicker and has a different profile from ...
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some baseboard heaters not working while others are in same zone

I have three heating zones (forced hot water in baseboards) in my house. On the top floor, one zone controls all the baseboard heaters on that floor. None of the baseboards on one side of the house in ...
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Disconnecting 240 hots without disconnecting neutral?

I have a subpanel with two circuits on it, A and B, with 4 wires leaving the panel, two blue, one red, one white. The red wire was on circuit A, 20A single pole, and the two blue wires were on a ...
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Baseboard heat register makes loud banging sounds

FYI... I am a homeowner and not technical. Problem.. about 2 months ago my baseboard heating (hot water) starting making loud noises when the furnace turned on. It continues for a good period of time, ...
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Do I need to replace skirting in these places?

I've recently been clearing out damp, mold and insects behind some kitchen cabinets. In the process we had to remove certain skirting boards which got damaged. The skirting board in questions are ...
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