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I want to build a simple wooden outhouse but the ground is soft - how to make sure it's stable? [closed]

The old outhouse at our rural property has been slowly collapsing for years already. The two problems with it are rotting wood at the base, and soft ground which has resulted in one side slowly ...
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Should I still make a foundation for a pre-made shed that will be placed on backyard concrete?

I am planning to purchase a shed from Wayfair, but I see a lot online about needing to build a base with concrete or gravel. If I get a 4x6 or 6x8 metal shed, do I still need to build my own ...
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Would paint or stain last longer on 15 yr old, badly weathered cedar fascia

Preparing to move into 15 yr old home that has (4) 12/12 & 14/12 Aesthetic gables in the front of house. The gables were initially stained with a dark stain, & are VERY BADLEY weather worn ...
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Prep work for Paver Patio

We have excavated for a paver patio and walkway at our home. It’s a fairly large area and we missed getting the base laid and compacted before the weather turned cold. We now have a large dirt area ...
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How to waterproof log store base?

Im planning a 200x80 log store out of treated 6x2 on concrete slabs similar to the image above. How do i stop the damp from creeping through the structure? There will be 20mm overhand all sides but ...
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Leaking Toilet Base [closed]

Toilet leaks around base and smells of pee. The wax ring has been replaced several times and we still have the leak and smell.
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compacting sub-base for artificial grass installation

I am installing artificial grass in my backyard. 6 weeks ago, I filled the area with base rocks to form the sub-base (3" depth). Then vacation and work got in the way and I couldn't continue the ...
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