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Would paint or stain last longer on 15 yr old, badly weathered cedar fascia

Preparing to move into 15 yr old home that has (4) 12/12 & 14/12 Aesthetic gables in the front of house. The gables were initially stained with a dark stain, & are VERY BADLEY weather worn ...
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Installing a solid surface pre-formed shower base

I recently purchased a solid surface pre-formed shower base. The shower base will be placed on 3/4" plywood. The manufacturer's instructions indicate that I should set the base in thinset. I e-...
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Prep work for Paver Patio

We have excavated for a paver patio and walkway at our home. It’s a fairly large area and we missed getting the base laid and compacted before the weather turned cold. We now have a large dirt area ...
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How to waterproof log store base?

Im planning a 200x80 log store out of treated 6x2 on concrete slabs similar to the image above. How do i stop the damp from creeping through the structure? There will be 20mm overhand all sides but ...
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Leaking Toilet Base [closed]

Toilet leaks around base and smells of pee. The wax ring has been replaced several times and we still have the leak and smell.
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compacting sub-base for artificial grass installation

I am installing artificial grass in my backyard. 6 weeks ago, I filled the area with base rocks to form the sub-base (3" depth). Then vacation and work got in the way and I couldn't continue the ...
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